Happy 1st b-day Oto!


Our little tawny tail is not that little anymore. He turned 1 year old today and we are celebrating his b-day with a yummy meat cake – yummy for Oto that is – and some fun by the river, since he loves splashing in the water the most. Last time around at Iska Gorge, we had GoPro camera with us, so we filmed Oto having fun, fetching sticks and swimming. The video is over here! One year old but still has so much puppy in him. I can tell he’s starting to mature though. Well … at least a little bit. Don’t grow up too fast, our favourite tawny tail!

Hip hip hooray, it’s a b-day cake.

P. S. The recipe for this meat cake is rather simple. If you want to make one for your furry friend, you’ll need ground beef livers, an egg, wheat and corn flour, a carrot and a little bit of oil. It’s actualy an adopted recipe for dog snacks via this web page. I decorated the cake with peanut butter and Oto’s favourite crushed treats. He was very excited – jet he patiently waited for me to take photos, while nagging like a proper teenager and then happily ate a piece of the cake, wagging with his tail all along.




4 Responses
  • Lena
    August 24, 2016

    Oto, vse najboljše! Veseli me, da ti je bil recept v predelani različici všeč in še na mnoga pasja leta! Res si krasen <3
    Tvoji skrbnici pa sporoči, da je v pripravi še en zeloooo slasten recept za jesen :) Hov, hov!

    • Urska
      August 24, 2016

      Oto se zelo lepo zahvaljuje za voščilo! :)
      Jaz pa se zahvaljujem za recept, mi ga zelo radi uporabljamo in se veselimo novih!

  • Lara
    August 29, 2016

    Vse najbolse Oto!

    • Urska
      August 29, 2016

      Oto se zahvaljuje, Lara! :)