Tails and horns.


A quick update on how we’re spending this autumn so far. Well, Mendi is growing up fast and Oto is still as playful as ever, they’re such a funny pair of tails. We’re trying to spend our days outside as much as we can, before all the leaves will fall off and it will get colder – though heaps of leaves can be a lot of fun too. Today we spent the afternoon visiting our neighbours goats nearby our home. Mendi was a bit unsure, seeing them for the first time, so Oto showed her how to play a proper goat-guard. Teaching her all the “important” things, as always.

Making new friends …

img_7860 img_7862 img_7863

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  • Lara
    October 17, 2016

    Mendi luškana. :)

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