Colourful walks.


Leaves started to fall off so I guess autumn is in full swing. It’s all happening so fast, we took these photos over the weekend and today all of the small maple trees on our street are half bare already. It’s such a colourful season and so far we enjoy it alot – not counting lower temperatures though, that make us freeze in the mornings! We appreciate the slowly developing yellow, red and brown shades that make the city look so good and our walks are even more fun – besides checking on the bird across the street, we’re now chasing that falling leaf too.

“Autumn is a second spring
– where every leaf is a flower.”




4 Responses
  • Lara
    October 25, 2016

    Ku lepo. :)

    • Urska
      October 27, 2016

      Najlepše je zdej! Boš vidla ta vikend, ko boš na počitnicah pri nas. 😉 :)

  • Maja
    October 28, 2016

    Lepe slike! Jesen je čudovita. Vse te barve… 😉

    • Urska
      October 29, 2016

      Ja, čudovito je – in dokler listje čist ne odpade bo vedno lepše. :)