All the summer food.


Food lovers as we are, I simply must write a little something about all the amazing food we had while on our summer holidays. We love to eat good – and that we did! We ate well out and also when cooking in the camp. We missed a proper grill this year around, but managed to make yummy sea-food in our huge pan. I also loved all the salads we made from home-grown veggies we brought from home. Above Orebić, we ate amazing octopus under bell at Hrid and also loved all the dishes at Aterina, an amazing small restaurant by the walls of Korcula city.

Tasty food makes vacations even better!

IMG_3848 IMG_4107 IMG_4230  alterina

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  • Michl
    September 6, 2017

    Juuummm. looks good!

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