Hiking again!


Of course we missed hiking. In rainy September weekends we were stuck inside, so we are very excited for this sunny and warm fall weather and are planning to hike as much as we’ll be able to. For a start, we joined our friend last Sunday and headed off north to visit the Karawanks again. We love the Karawanks, the view over Triglav and Julian Alps is simply the best from over there. Plus the mountains are perfect for our vizsla boy – his paws prefer grassy slopes rather than rocky ones. Safe to say he loved the trip and was happy to be back!

Go visit Dovska Baba, it’s a lovely hike.


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  • Kevin
    November 1, 2017

    If you’re interested in mountains put it on your bucket, Zion Utah national park.
    Do you know it? Good choice for you I promise!!

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