Why do we do it?


When the alarm goes off at 7am, of course I’m not excited to wake up. What follows is a lot of yawning, eating breakfast half asleep, gathering all the equipment, googling directions to our starting point – and before I know it, we’re already hiking our way up. It gets easier when your heart is starting to pump and your body warms up. Oh, take-away coffee helps too. After some effort it then happens … the sun comes out. All the foggy clouds are like a sea of dreams below the mountain – it’s moment of pure joy! It’s why we do it.

Do more of what brings you joy!

Photos are from today’s hike to the Koča na Kriški Gori. It was one of those days when it really would be easier staying in bed. 6 hours later we came home tired and happy. We had a great time on the snow with our tawny tail and a yummy meal at the Hut. It pays off, it really does. If for nothing else, I’ll do it for that views – the views you simply must wake up and hike up to see.


IMG-8564 IMG-8566 IMG-8567 IMG-9349

2 Responses
  • Tatjana
    December 4, 2017

    To pa je prava pravljica:)

    • Urska
      December 13, 2017

      Ja, čudovito je bilo! Vas peljem enkrat gor. :) :)

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