Views over
Lago di Como.


As explained in my previous post, as soon as we got close to the shores of the Lago di Como, a hike to any of the mountains around the lake was added to our “must-do” list. The landscape was amazing from the lake already, but nothing beats the views from the top. And it wouldn’t really matter which summit you’d go for, I am sure the views are amazing from all around the lake …


Italian summer.


I love Italy. It’s simple as that! The landscapes and the cities, the language and the culture, the food and the wine, the Dolce far niente lifestyle – I love it all. Bonus points, Italians love dogs. So with a furry companion, planing a trip to Italy is easy. They’re allowed to most places and you won’t have a problem finding a place to stay as in most, pets are very welcomed. For our other half of the summer …


Sunrise at Osoršćica.


One cannot miss Osoršćica, a 20 km long ridge along Losinj island. It’s right there in front of you, the moment you cross the bridge from Cres to Losinj, and it follows you all the way from Osor to Ćunski. You can tell the views from Televrina, the summit at 588 m of altitude, will be worth the hike. The hiking path is very nice, mostly in shadow …


Discovering Losinj.


Due to so many plans we have for this summer (and fall in particular), we’ve only managed to squeeze in a week of seaside holidays this June. We figured it doesn’t make sense to travel south to Dalmatia as per usual and decided to visit Kvarner’s islands instead, not really expecting much. We packed our camping gear and headed via Cres and Losinj …