Italian summer.

I love Italy. It’s simple as that! The landscapes and the cities, the language and the culture, the food and the wine, the Dolce far niente lifestyle – I love it all. Bonus points, Italians love dogs. So with a furry companion, planing a trip to Italy is easy. They’re allowed to most places and you won’t have a problem finding a place to stay as in most, pets are very welcomed. For our other half of the summer holidays we decided to head via Milano and visit Lago di Como. We’ve heard about its glory but you can only really get it when the sight is in front of you. It’s pretty spectacular.

La vita è bella!

The lake itself is beautiful, the water is so clear and because the mountains all around the lake are so steep, the landscape is very impressive – a hike was a must, but I’ll write another post on our hiking trip and the views from the top. The shores of the lake are full of (big or small, in any case gorgeous) Villas, its beautiful gardens and charming little towns. No surprise so many movies were filmed around here. We’ve stayed in Lenno, a small town on the western side of the lake that turned out to be a great place to stay at, especially for a short visit like ours …

Fact is, traveling around Lago di Como is best done by boat. Not only due to the experience and great views from the lake, it’s the quickest. Hence, staying in a village/town with the ferry terminal is very convenient. You can hop on the ferry and visit many beautiful places around the lake in no time – on our day trip we traveled to Bellagio for coffee, strolled around the little town, bought some local wine and visited the beautiful I Giardini di Villa Melzi.

Another great reason for staying in Lenno is the vicinity of the Villa del Balbianello. This place is magic, make sure not to skip a visit in case you’re anywhere near. The famous mansion was a walking distance away from our Airbnb, which actually was a Villa as well (a Villa with a garden)! We loved our breakfast spot in the green surroundings with a view over the lake, but it was Oto that was the happiest to have such a luxury garden (read, plenty of space) to run around. All in all, Lago di Como is an amazing place to visit and enjoy the summer days!

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By Urska

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