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The southernmost cape of Istria and my favourite spot around here. I love this place, it makes me happy everytime I visit it. I spent two days at Cape Kamenjak last week and this photos are from the time we went hiking around the Cape with our tawny tail. The second time around it was warmer and I even took the first dip in the sea this year. The water was still cold but so clear and blue and beautiful. If you too enjoy rocky landscapes with cliffs, check this Natural Park out and make sure you also stop at another fav – Safari bar for some food and fun.

Hiking at Kamenjak was
our vizsla’s highlight of the week too.

He enjoyed running around off-leash, chasing butterflies and jumping over the rocks by the coast. Even where the waves got really massive, he joyfully approached the shore and seemed to love sea splashing in the air. He had a great time, wiggling with his tawny tail all along, so I believe the hiking might have topped that dog-icecream in Pula (it’s here if you missed it).

So sad our holidays in Istria
are all over, we had a great time!

In conclusion – ofcourse traveling with a dog requires a bit more flexibility and a new daily routine. Dog’s adjusting to the new enviroment can as well be stressful and coping with diarrhea and sickness, caused by drinking too much salty sea water, is not a lot of fun. But then again, spending days together at campsite and by the sea, having fun with the waves, exploring surroundings and discovering new places … it’s active, exciting and so very entertaining – you can see it for yourself in our video! Overall, we had the best time and can’t wait for the next summer adventure in Dalmatia, comming soon in July.


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