A day trip to Krka.

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On our way home from Primosten we made a spontaneous decision to stop at Krka National Park and walk our vizsla before the long drive. It was windy by the coast that day plus the Park is near Sibenik, so it seemed like a good idea overall. Well, it turned out it was a great idea! The place is stunning and although it’s not as big or as majestic as Plitvice Lakes, Krka does not disappoint. In many ways it’s even more fun – not being protected by Unesco as Plitvice are, you can actually swim in Krka and that by itself is already an amazing experience.

Swiming under Krka waterfalls!

Oto was almost too excited to walk properly on leash. There were so many fish and ducks, it was all so very stimulating and interesting to him. Sure he made it a bit challenging for us, but we still had a lot of fun. We took our time to explore trails and at last also took a dip at the base of the Scradinski buk waterfalls. I captured some moments and made a little traveling video of the day, but it almost doesn’t do it justice. The color of the water in reality is like a dream – and swiming under those green and blue colored waterfalls is something I recommend everyone to put on their bucket list.


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