Meet Mendi.

On Oto’s 1st b-day, my mom and dad brought home a new puppy! Sometimes it seems like she’s been a b-day gift for our tawny tail, because he’s too happy to have another pup to play with. Mendi is actualy an early b-day present for our mum, who’s turning 50 in November. She wanted another furry family companion, to be exact – she wanted a cocker spaniel – ever since our last one passed away a year ago. Well, we’ll just admit it, we love cocker spaniels in our house. They are the cutest little things and our Mendi is no exception here.

And that’s how Oto
got a new best friend.

Mendi (with an i not y) got her name after my mum’s frequently used slovene word “menda” – meaning apparently. We laugh a lot when she’s pronouncing it “mendi” in her hometown Brkini Hills dialekt, not common in our region. Nonetheless, when naming her new puppy there wasn’t a lot to think about. It fitted perfectly.

Mom wanted a female in black coat so we started looking for cocker spaniel litters in the begining of the summer and were lucky to find her so quickly. That’s how Mendi joined us – meeting her new best friend straight away. They like each other a lot. They don’t mind the difference in age (Oto being 1 year old and Mendi 3 months) and also the difference in height, but we still keep an eye on them all the time. Oto has a lot of energy so playtime must be supervised. They love to play Tug of war, participate in showing tricks like “sit” and “down”, stealing toys from one another etc. We’re very happy to have two tails wagging around, it’s even more fun.

Welcome to our pack.
We love you, Mendi!





By Urska

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