Picking rosehips.

Nanos is a beautiful highland, that greets us everytime we’re driving home and waves goodbye when we’re leaving Vipava Valley on our way back to Ljubljana. It’s a popular spot for hiking, climbing, for picnics – and of course, it’s a great place for our hyper vizsla to run around. We left our hometown earlier today to spend a few hours on the top, enjoying in the sun and picking rosehips. They ripen in late summer through autumn and you can find many at Nanos. Oto had a blast and I’m happy I’ll be making my herbal tea myself this season.

Batteries charged!

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By Urska

Civil engineer with a lot of interests like traveling, food, taking care for my plants, running and hiking! Currently living in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Always up for a coffee date, usually stolling around citycenter, most happy when there's time for a walk in the woods after work hours. In love with my two boys - one of them walking on four legs and wiggling with a tawny tail.


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