Festive December.

The lights are on, the Christmas tree at Preseren Square shines bright and the city center is crowded, so it’s safe to say the festive December in Ljubljana is in its ful swing! It’s almost too much to handle at times – it’s loud, the lights are a bit crazy and you will need 10 more minutes to get from one spot to another. But I love it all, the city has such a unique charm and it all gets under your skin, instantly making you cheerful. So I would say go for it, join the crowds, get yourself a cup of poor mulled wine and enjoy in festive mood. It’s only here for a while.

Ljubljana, covered in festive lights.




By Urska

Civil engineer with a lot of interests like traveling, food, taking care for my plants, running and hiking! Currently living in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Always up for a coffee date, usually stolling around citycenter, most happy when there's time for a walk in the woods after work hours. In love with my two boys - one of them walking on four legs and wiggling with a tawny tail.


  1. Prečudovito. Sploh tisti pogled na grad 🙂 Ko sem živela v Ljubljani, je bilo decembra obvezno, da smo šli z družbo vsak popoldne pohajkovat po centru. Zdaj pa imamo običaj, da se odpravimo en dan tisti teden med božičnimi prazniki. Komaj čakam 😉

    1. Jaz sem zelo vesela, da sem se vedno v Ljubljani, tudi zaradi tega decembra, ker ni nikjer tako praznicno kot tu. Pa uzivaj na kuhanckih! 😉

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