Oto’s favourite spots around Ljubljana.

Spending time in nature is surely Oto’s favourite activity and my favourite hobby ever since we got this tawny tail. It’s calming and energising for me, while it’s fun and essential for active dog breeds like a vizsla is. So we do our best to go hiking on weekends if we have time on our hands – today we hiked to Roblek Lodge at Begunjščica and had an amazing time, but I might post another story about that later this week. It’s easy to go and spend hours in nature on weekends – however on busy week days, if living in the city, it can be tricky …

Now, when days are longer and we get a few proper daylight hours after comming from work, it’s much easier to get to the nature and we have more options. Ljubljana has many green areas and parks, but when I want to take my dog out for some off-leash fun, I don’t think public parks such as Tivoli and Rožnik are a good option. Golovec and areas around Ljubljana castle are less populated and we would go there for a walk sometimes – but here are Oto’s two favourite spots around Ljubljana so far:

1. Rašica

Rašica hills and the woods around are our first choice when days are sunny and I have a decent amount of time after work hours. We need 10 to 15 minutes to park in the woods and already we are hiking to the top of Rašica or running among the trees, listening to the birds sing. There are so many paths to explore and we rarely meet a lot of people, it’s really all we need and we enjoy our easy walks around Rašica alot.


2. The Sava River Trails

When the schedule’s bussy and we only have time for a short walk, we would go to the Sava River. The trails along the river are fun to explore and the big bonus is ofcourse a jump in the river, or at least some fetch game and playing in the water. We will approach the river only where it’s not deep and the current isn’t strong, so he doesn’t get to swim in it – but it’s still a lot of fun and usually makes him quite tired afterwards. Short but sweet!


By Urska

Civil engineer with a lot of interests like traveling, food, taking care for my plants, running and hiking! Currently living in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Always up for a coffee date, usually stolling around citycenter, most happy when there's time for a walk in the woods after work hours. In love with my two boys - one of them walking on four legs and wiggling with a tawny tail.