The Baćina Lakes.

Ever heard of Baćina lakes? Not surprised if not! Often overlooked part of the Dalmatian coast, they are situated close to port Ploce. But despite its proximity to the sea and the karst area around it, they are fresh water lakes. And let me tell you, this place really is something. We first saw and heard of the lakes when we passed them on our way to Dubrovnik a few years ago – and kept them back in our minds ever since. So when our friends bought a house there and invited us to spend a few days exploring around, we happily seized the opportunity.

Enchanting jet still undiscovered
natural wonder.

To me, the Baćina lakes were so impressive because of the picturesque landscape and surrounding hills. The view is amazing on every corner and from any perspective. The seven lakes, six of which are connected via short and narrow passages also offer an idyllic setting for outdoors activities! Swimming in bluish-green lakes feels amazing. But we also took a bike tour around the lakes, stopping to take photos and for Oto to jump in the water and cool down. We planned to rent SUP and paddle, but as it was a bit too windy for my liking that afternoon, our friends took us on a boat ride so we experienced the lakes from the water level too.

Safe to say, we had a great time at Baćina lakes and would love to visit again. Oto enjoyed the wild nature too. He was happy to run around on our bike ride and swim in any given opportunity while enthusiastically observing fish underneath. But his favourite activity was of course hunting the ducks across the lake – one time swimming so far away, I got afraid how he’ll get back and made our friends rescue him with the boat. Always keeping us busy!


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