Make it a
good one!

Here it is, a new year, a fresh start. Let’s make it a good one! I love how every day offers a new experience and opportunity to learn. I learned a good lesson on our last hike in 2017 … after always taking the same path the same way, hiking it with my little cousin Lara changed that completely. She turned off the route wherever possible to explore and while jumping on slippery rocks by the river and getting caught in bushes, all that just for reaching the water, I figured I might put children’s curiosity on my 2018 “Let’s be more like that” list.

Make memories, enjoy 2018!

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By Urska

Civil engineer with a lot of interests like traveling, food, taking care for my plants, running and hiking! Currently living in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Always up for a coffee date, usually stolling around citycenter, most happy when there's time for a walk in the woods after work hours. In love with my two boys - one of them walking on four legs and wiggling with a tawny tail.