Long weekends
in short.

After celebrating my 30th b-day in Rome back in March, I got to enjoy in a couple of amazing weekend getaways in April and May. The weather in the past few months was not good, at all, but somehow we got lucky while staying in Croatian Istria and while exploring around Bovec. In Istria, we hiked around Cape Kamenjak, again (it’s my favorite place!), stayed in a beautiful Valsabbion hotel and had an amazing dinner at Batelina. Loved it. The next day, we explored around Motovun and had more delicious food. Istria is such a culinary destination!

Love love a good sunny weekend getaway.

Over the 1st and 2nd of May, the sun came out again and made our stay in Bovec feel very spring-like. Yay! After an afternoon at Laghi di Fusine (where Oto, of course, jumped straight into the cold lake to hunt the ducks), we spent the night in a Dobra Vila Bovec, where I would recommend you to have dinner as well. I loved the hotel, the ambiance is a pretty curious but charming – and the food is great. Having such great weather, we decided to also visit Lake Jasna and Peri─Źnik waterfalls on the second day. As the rest of May was pretty miserable and rainy, I’m very thankful for all the sun rays we managed to catch.

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By Urska

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