Under the
Dalmatian sun.


Second day in Dalmatia and we already feel as we’re back home. It’s because we are spending our summers here regulary, we’ve been coming back to Primosten time and time again, it’s been years … We love everything about this place. The vibe, the smell, the sea, the food – the list goes on and on. Our vizsla took the long drive very well and also got used to the climate rather quickly. He went swiming in the sea straight away, he loves it and now wants to swim everytime we take him to the beach. We look forward to our time here, looks like we’ll enjoy it a lot!

Let the summer begin!
xoxo from our paradise

IMG_5665 IMG_5666 Photo 08-07-16 18 52 22

3 Responses
  • Metka
    July 10, 2016

    Mi vas ze pogresamo. In Primosten tudi:)

    • Urska
      July 10, 2016

      Tudi mi vas že pogrešamo, Oto najbolj! :)

  • Tatjana
    July 11, 2016

    O, komaj čakam:))

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